Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes We All Fall Off The Wagon

Did you ever have one of those days when you feel as if your a running after something instead of keeping up?  Today is one of those days for me.   I looked at the calendar and realized that January is almost over and then I thought about my New Years resolution.  My goal was to cut out processed food, soda, most dairy and grains for at least one well as committing to be more intense and consistent in my workout routines - so far so good right?  Well, not so much.

 I am sure many of you cringed when I said New Years resolution... have you already fallen off the wagon?  Well I am going to let you in on a little secret - I have too.  While I find myself hitting the weights and adding those extra runs in I also find myself slipping on my diet resolution.  So I guess its kind of a win - loose situation. Sometimes I am on fire... getting in a great workout and really eating clean and others I may manage to get a good workout in but cave to my craving for dessert.  Today for example I just wanted one of my favorite things... this really yummy sandwich from a certain bakery, but I knew what that sandwich came with - a whopping side of guilt and whole lot of calories.  Not to mention I would in no way feel like working out after a heavy meal.   So instead of my caving into my weakness I chose to go after something similar but  a little lighter.  When your are forced to choose in a situation like this... go with something similar that will at least help curb that craving and satisfy that little voice in your gut.

I think we all have been here haven't we?   I will be honest committing to several goals at one time can be monumental and very difficult.  And for most people I would suggest NOT trying to resolve to change everything all at once but instead to make small important changes.   However in my case  I found myself wanting to make some serious changes - fast,  so I went all out.   And you know what?  I have done pretty good... and I am ok with that.  I am by no means perfect and do not expect to be.

What I have learned through the past couple of weeks is that it is ok to fall off the wagon every once in a while... as long as we commit to get right back up.  I see alot of people throwing in the towel after one slip up... I urge you not to not let that one setback get the best of you.   Take your day one workout, one meal at a time and commit to making the best choices that you can.  Instead of a hamburger and fries why not reach for a lighter lunch,  instead of that slice of chocolate cake why not choose instead to mix some hot chocolate powder into a serving of greek yogurt.   If you can not imagine chugging through 5 miles why not commit to walk at least one... and take it from there.   I promise you that once you commit to a better choice everything else will get much easier.  Take count of all the good things you have done... not of all your failures.  You need to find ways to boost yourself up not break yourself down.

Remember it is never all or nothing... you have room to choose.  So choose wisely most often and I promise you will begin to see the results you hoped for.

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