Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bring Sexy Back Workout!!

As promised... here it is... my Bring Sexy Back Workout!!!  Be warned this is not for the faint of heart... if you want to see results then you have to work for it!

This is a circuit workout... meaning you do one set of each exercise with 30 seconds rest between each exercise.   Each exercise is to be performed for 60 seconds... do as many reps as you can in 60 seconds. When you have completed all of the different exercises, rest two minutes and start all over again.  Try to complete the circuit three times through.

Squat with Side Kick:  perform a squat - as you come back up kick right leg out to the side as if you were doing a jumping jack. Repeat squat and kick out with the left leg - that equals one rep.  Continue in this pattern for 60 seconds.

Mountain Climber: Place yourself in a basic push-up position.  Pull right knee into chest and tap toe on floor - push leg back out to start position and perform move with left leg.  Repeat rapidly for 60 seconds... this exercise mimics the motions used when mountain climbing.

Kettle Bell Swing:  Start by gripping bell with both hands and lower into a squat position.  As you push up through the squat swing the bell up and over your head.  Let the bell lower as you return to a squat position.   The bell will swing through your legs and slightly behind you.  Repeat as many times as possible in 60 seconds.   *you could also use a heavy object with handles on it if you don't have a kettle bell - i.e. a milk jug filled with sand*

Push-up:  Just what it says... a push-up... whether modified on your knees or a full push-up perform as many as you can in 60 seconds.

Back Lunge with Front Kick:  Step back into a lunge with your right leg as you return the leg to start position come all the way through and up and kick to your front.   Repeat quickly for 60 seconds.   Repeat with left leg.

Dumbbell Row:  Standing, knees bent.  Grasp two dumbbells or any heavy object in your hands palms facing up.  Pull your elbows in and to your side at a 90 degree angle.    Bend forward slightly at the waist and pull arms back by pressing shoulder blades together.   Repeat for 60 seconds.

Three Point Squat:  Grab a medicine ball or dumbbell with both hands.   Come to a squat position. As you come up press the ball or weight up and over your head.  Come back down to start position, bringing the ball back down, push back up and rotate to your right, come back down and repeat on the left - that is one rep.  Repeat for 60 seconds.

Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press:  Hold a dumbbell in each hand palms facing your body.  Using your biceps curl the dumbbell up, as you reach the top of the curl press the dumbbells up and over your head turning your palms to the front.  Repeat for 60 seconds.

Weighted Single Leg V-Up:  Lie flat on floor.  Grab a weight, kettle bell, medicine ball or heavy  object with both hands and stretch arms out over your head.   Lifting your right leg pull the weight and your torso up to meet your leg in a V-position, come back down repeat with left leg - that is one rep.  Repeat for 60 seconds.

Plank:  Place yourself in a basic push-up position.  From hands come down and rest on forearms.  Keeping your body straight hold the position for 60 seconds.

Single Leg Step Up:  Grab a step or bench of a height that you can comfortably step up with some challenge.  Step up onto bench with right leg - do not allow left leg to touch the bench - step back down and repeat for 60 seconds.   Repeat with left leg.

Tip: If you can not perform the exercise for 60 seconds...stop for a second,  catch your breath and keep going.  You will get stronger the more your perform these exercises and will eventually be able to perform them for 60 seconds.

There it is!!!!  Now get out there and Move With Strength!!!!

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