Monday, January 16, 2012

Things You Thought You Knew!

So I have been doing a ton of reading lately about nutrition and fitness and trying to sort through the myths and facts out there.   One of the things that I have found most interesting and have come across over and over has been around the things we thought we knew in regards to food choices we are supposed to be making. 

I know, like many of you I am sure, that I have been stuck in the world of low fat, low calorie eating for a lifetime it seems.  Well I have come across some pretty compelling information that speaks just to the opposite.  Now I am no nutritionist and I can not say for sure if what I have been reading is the miracle cure... but I think it warrants some thought and some experimentation.  The big factor in what I have been reading is - Sugar is Bad... not just bad... but toxic it seems and can totally derail any and all efforts you have of loosing that stubborn fat.   If you look around... sugar is everywhere... have you ever looked at home many grams of sugar are in fat free yogurt?  Yep I said fat free... something you think is healthy is loaded with sugar - not good.  Sugar is also loaded into juice, low fat foods, granola and the list goes on and on.  My advice... reduce or eliminate the amount of added sugar you consume.  By doing this you will get your insulin levels back in order, insulin is a fat storing hormone ( them more you have swimming around in your body... the more fat you store), so by reducing the sugar your reduce the insulin which can help you let go of some of that stubborn fat.

The second thing I noticed...eliminating carbs is not the way to go.  Carbs are essential to our well being... they give us the energy needed to get up and go.  But that being said there are carbs to enjoy and carbs to avoid.  First try to avoid carbs such as of course cakes and cookies,refined white breads and pastas.  I would even go so far as to say eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of carbs you consume in the form of whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, cereal and crackers.  I think you can enjoy the healthier whole wheat carbs in moderation... but thats just it... you have to practice moderation.  The truth is you don't need this type of carb at every meal. Some carbs you should add to your diet or consume more regularly are sprouted grain breads, rice breads, millet, quinoa, sweet potatoes ( you can even add pat of butter and some cinnamon), fruits and vegies.  Please don't eliminate carbs in the form of fruit... fruit is full of vitamins and is super good for you and easy to enjoy on the go.

The last thing I want to mention is in regards to fat.   I know what you have heard - that low fat is the way to go, but I feel differently.   We need fat, however, what we have been told is reduce or eliminate fat from your diet.  Buy fat free and loose weight!  That is so not the case.  Fat is essential it makes food enjoyable, it helps you feel satiated, it gives you energy... to name a few benefits.  So I don't want to talk about getting rid of fat. What I do want to talk about is the kind of fat you consume.   All that fat free processed food is not the way to go. So avoid it at all costs.  It is nothing but chemicals and sugar with a healthy label slapped on the package.  What we should focus on is natural fat, the kind of fat found in avocados, butter (real butter - not margarine), eggs (whole), olive and coconut oil, and raw nuts.  Now of course you should be enjoying these moderately but you can and should add these to your diet today.  Let me tell you my scrambled eggs taste much better when I cook them in just a little bit of real butter. 

In short... eat a more natural diet buy one ingredient food - fruits, vegies, lean protein, nuts etc.  Avoid the processed foods and sugar, foods with more the 5 ingredients and ingredients you can't pronounce and you should see vast improvements in your "bottom" line.

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