Monday, January 9, 2012


So we see trends for everything... there are trends in fashion, music, homes, cars etc... but I guess I never gave much thought to "health food" trends.  This morning as I was knocking out some miles on the tread mill I came across an interesting piece... the top 10 health food trends for 2012.  I know what you are thinking... really... health food trends... doesn't seem so exciting.  I can understand why you might think that... but at this time of year we are all looking for ways to freshen up our routines whether it be a change in our lifestyle or a change in our diet.  So here is a rundown on that list and my thoughts on them...I think some of them may very well indeed be a way to freshen up your routine for the new year.

Top Health Food Trends for 2012

1. Seeds.... yep seeds... pumpkin, sunflower, flax,chia ( yeah like the Chia pet).  Seeds are full of things like zinc, Vitamin K,  Vitamin E, calcium etc etc.  In short they are little powerhouses of goodness that can be eaten plain or sprinkled on your salad.   New Years suggestion... add them into your diet in some way at least once a week.

2. Protein powder - most people are familiar with protein powder and how to incorporate it into your diet and most of us have a love hate relationship with the stuff.   I will admit protein powder sometimes can be hard to swallow, however, there are so many kinds on the market now that if you try a few you are bound to find one you like... my fav right now is the Jillian Michaels brand.  Its cheap and has a decent taste and mixes well... I found it at Walmart.   You can put protein powder in your pancake mix or of course smoothies.  Word of advice if you mix it in your oatmeal... be sure to mix it up well or it clumps... not good.

3. Mini Desserts - I find it odd that this is considered a health food but hey will go with it.  Many restaurants such as AppleBee's and Chili's are scaling down the size of some of their most popular desserts.   Finally!!! Have you seen how large portion sizes are?  Do you know what the appropriate portion size it?   Like I said I wouldn't consider desserts health food but I do believe in a little of most things is ok in moderation.

4. Cherries - what I found interesting about this was that the spotlight was on dried, tart, sour cherries.  These cherries are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and are great for muscle recovery.  This would be a perfect addition for this time of year when most of us are suffering through new workouts and lots of muscle soreness.

5. Grapeseed and Truffle oils - in short these are better for you oils that can add another level of depth to your meals.

6.  Black Lentils - I think most of us probably don't spend alot of time in the dried bean isle at the grocery store... but you should.   Not only are beans such as Lentils cheap they are really easy to make and so good for you.  Black lentils are full of antioxidants, fight cancer and can help boost memory.    They can easily be your protein in a meatless meal so do a little research online and find a recipe and add lentils to your weekly grocery list.

7. Brussel Sprouts -  now before you give me that face hear me out.  Brussel sprouts are high in fiber, vitamin C and may also help prevent cancer.   Are you seeing a pattern here - food as medicine?  Should give us all something to think about.  Not only are brussel sprouts good for you but prepared the right way are super good.   And if you have never seen a brussel sprout fresh on the stock its kinds interesting looking...I know for years I thought they were baby cabbages (?) and grew like cabbage... but boy was I wrong... they actually grow on a stalk in a bunch. Anyway... try them!  I will be following this post with some recipes I have found that my family and I love!  And yes by family I mean my carnivorous husband and my six year old daughter.

Well there it is - the health food trends for 2012... I know I will be throwing a couple of these in.. I hope you will too!!

Check back in as I will be posting some yummy recipes for Brussel Sprouts and Lentils as well as running down the top fitness trends for 2012!  :)

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